Friday, April 3, 2009

Live Demo

Just spreading the word: download the debut live demo from the lower 48 at the following link:

Leave your comments/likes/hates in the replies!!


Ek said...

Ok, I'll bite:

Little Red - Just a solid rock song with good lyrics; not a lot to comment on here. I could have done with some more drum fills, especially during the choruses, but that's really nitpicky for a demo this rough.

Speed Scrabble - In a lot of ways this is a typical Eric Exley song. The verses have a heavy twothirtyeight influence, and the chorus feels like a better thought out CBN chorus. But what really sets this one apart from most of your other stuff is the guitar hook, which is just phenomenal.

Seduce Me Like a Spy - Love this one; my favorite track on the demo (although I do like anything over 6 minutes). Granted, we absolutely do not need more indie rock songs about romantic failures, but unlike most lyricists, you at least write about it without resorting to cliches and hyperbole.

Vespers - A nice simple, mellow song with some good melodic interplay between the vocals and guitars. There's no way I could have resisted the temptation to wreck this by trying to make it part of something bigger, but that's why you're a songwriter and I'm not.

YAGTBLD - Depending on my mood this song either doesn't do a whole lot for me or is one of my favorite things you've done. The main bass line works well with the guitar part. Probably the closest thing to prog rock I've heard you do on a published (sort of) demo. Both this one and "Vespers" could be taken to a whole new level by a good vocalist, although on the other tracks I thought your voice worked just fine.

IGTtNoE - A great criticism of our slacktivist political culture, plus it rocks. The ending is absolutely crushing, so on an album it would work well as an ender (as used here) or as a lead-in to something mellow like "Vespers." Anyway, keep up the good work.

eric said...


Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it! A couple of responses...

Speed Scrabble - glad you like the hook, I've even souped it up a bit as of late, get psyched for the finished version!

Seduce - most of my favorite songs generate from a single fragment of a sentence ("June Canoe" for instance), and this one is no exception.

Vespers - HA HA HA! This actually WAS the intro to a 6-1/2 minute song that was basically a string of fuzzy low-end riffs. But my band convinced me that it worked much better in the form it now has.

YAGTBLD was the first completely collaborative effort we have done as a band. I think it was written, from intro riff to outro hits, in under an hour, no joke. I rewrote the lyrics right before tracking the vocals, but other than that it's been the same since we wrote it. Coheed guitar meets TMV bass meets The Fall of Troy drums, I think...

IGTNOE - it really HAS to go at the end of a show, cause I destroy my voice every time I sing it. Good times!!