Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1 month!

It's apparently been a month since my last post. Sorry. A lot's been going on.

After my computers got stolen, I've been trying to recall all the songs and lyrics that were lost, whenever possible. I'm filling up notebooks like mad. But I've also discovered a lot of it sucked, so it's probably a sign to start fresh and leave everything else behind. There are more than a few signs that point in that direction, actually...

Anyway, sorry this isn't substantial, but how about some RECOMMENDATIONS?!?!?! I accept.

Grammatrain are reuniting to record an album and play a couple of shows. Yes, you read that right. Grammatrain were the headliners at the first concert I ever attended. Though I grew out of grunge (and really, was never into grunge outside of Grammatrain), there are still a lot of great songs on their two albums, especially their second, Flying. Good times. The clips online make me optimistic...

Death Cab are releasing an EP, which Stereogum is streaming (and other sources are ripping and posting). I haven't listened to today's track yet, but "A Diamond And A Tether" was fantastic.

Farewell Flight was recommended by Taylor Armerding and it's already in heavy rotation. "Phones" is probably my favorite right now.

The Forecast just released an EP and I LOVE it. I wish they had the original tracks up on their myspace, though "You Wreck Me" is fun. "Say You Miss Me" is on repeat.

Big If features frontmen from Yellowcard (which you've probably heard of) and Reeve Oliver (which you probably haven't). Or, to put it another way, it features guitar players from two defunct Tooth & Nail pop punk bands, Craig's Brother and Dogwood! No joke.

Wait, looks like Craig's Brother is un-defunct. Huh.

The Lower 48 has finished tracking their live EP, hopefully great things are on the horizon...