Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things I Currently Enjoy Probably Way Too Much

- The Weepies, Hideaway
- Taylor Swift, Fearless (especially the 2nd verse of "You Belong With Me". And "Breathe". And "Love Story," of course.)
- Taken
- Two Tongues, "Tremors"
- The Gabe Dixon Band, "Disappear"
- Shure SCL3 earphones
- Blogs that you need a username and password to access
- WordTwist vs. Adam, Emily or Mikkele
- Today's Woot shirt
- New lower 48 song, "Stay True To Your Heart!"
- August Burns Red's cover of "Hit Me Baby One More Time"
- Jason Mraz's SNL duet with Colbie Caillat on "Lucky". (I have come to the conclusion that Mraz is a tool surpassed only by his drummer, but I haven't heard a live duet like that in quite some time.)

All of the above are highly recommended.


Lewis said...

I am so relieved to learn that I am not the only one who enjoys Taylor Swift's music...

Lars said...

Eric Exley loves The Weepies. I NEVER thought I'd see the day.

And duh... Taylor Swift is a given.

eric said...

Why is EVERYBODY so surprised I like the Weepies? I never even listened to them, and had no opinion of them, before Jonathan said he thought I'd really like them. So... Jonathan: 1, Everybody Else: 0.

Lars said...

because... I like them.

hawthorne house said...

"anoid" is better. "stay true to your heart" isn't quite ghettotech enough.

eric said...

Jay... you know that's not me, right?